Smart Indoor Planter with Total Automated System






Bloomengine, a fully automated planter takes care of sunlight, water, and air ventilation needs with your preferred soil. It is also capable of connecting to the internet via Wifi with a corresponding app that will be available on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Bloomengine, a beautiful smart planter, offers the concept of indoor green life for all plant lovers! With Bloomengine’s innovative technology, plants can be monitored, watered, and cared for any time, anywhere. Bloomengine is also perfect for plant-lovers looking to experience a seed sprout, bud, and bloom in the convenience of their own home. Bloomengine is specialized for plant growth by creating a natural-like environment with soil, water, minerals, air, and sunlight. LED lighting chips are installed underneath the top portion of the device and provides the adequate amount of light necessary for plants to grow indoors. The lighting chips also emits a warm light to provide an elegant atmosphere for any interior. The elegant RGB light will change colors (it doesn't affect the plants) to match the atmosphere of the room. You can control the color of light through the Bloomengine smartphone app. Bloomengine’s water tank can store up to 40oz of water so that you do not have to worry about re-filling it for anywhere between one to one month. The internal water pump which keeps the water circulating ensures that the water inside the tank always stays fresh. Watering the plant in Bloomengine can be done without going through the process of opening and closing the water tank or lid. You can pour the water right over the top and simply enjoy the sight of water flowing down. A fan installed in Bloomengine for the ventilation of fresh air. This accelerates the plant growth by supporting the plant’s transpiration process. You will be able to see the leaves waving by the wind created by the fan. The compressed soil we provide can be stored for an extended period of time when stored in a dry area before its use. To plant the seed, simply soak the compressed soil with water and place the seed on top of it. The soil is easy to replace even when you need to re-pot a plant and naturally decomposes to ease your burden. The integrated Full HD camera shows your plant's real-time status by capturing a photo. You can select the time-lapse function to record the unbelievable moments of your plant growing during each stage. You can easily customize environmental conditions for your plants via the Bloomengine application available for Android and iOS devices. Watering and lighting times can be scheduled and even time-lapse settings can be set according to you or your plant's preferences. Our goal is not only to make better conditions for your plant indoors but also to help build bonds between people and plants. We believe that Bloomengine will help everyone understand plants better and share the amazing moments of plants with others.