A Beautiful Personalized Desk Accessory Inspired By Guilloché Design To Manage Your Cables & Beautify Your Desk.

Project Owner

Raj Arjit

$25 USD

DeskInfinity is a desk accessory with a beautiful Guilloché design and a functional slot to hold on all common cables and chords. It is completely personalized with your name (or your favorite phrase), laser engraved on it. The beautiful pattern reflects out a unique symbol of Infinity in "all" viewing directions. Made of Alpha-beta Brass, it brings with itself a weight and sense of stability, making your working desk, inspiring and beautiful at once. Idea & Inspiration I was intrigued by the presence of stunning Guilloché designs in many premium Swiss -make wrist watches. I wished to bring this in hands of everyone. Realizing, I can't make a high-end premium wristwatch with the resources available to me, why not make something simpler - yet functional. This was the point when the idea of a beautiful and inspiring "Desk Accessory" was born. I started working out many forms of Guilloché designs. I listed down all the "No-No", which the product must not have or be. 1. Moving parts - It distracts a person working at a desk with his Macbook or writing pad. 2. Assembly - I wouldn't like to have something which I need to assemble before using. Thirdly, it should be something that doesn't require regular maintenance. One that is present on my desk, inspires me, is hassle-free and helps in increasing my focus and productivity. This was when the Infinity pattern and single one-piece design was chosen. Alpha-beta Brass was finalized as the go-to material for its warmth of color, weight, and ease of machinability. Built for working professionals, writers & coders, creators & makers and anyone who appreciates design and the inspiration that spreads from a beautifully crafted product. It is time to get rid of a boring desk and have something that makes you look forward to reaching your desk every day! More on Infinity We all know what the infinity symbol — the sign that represents the immeasurable and the boundless — looks like, but very few of us know what power it holds. As a symbol of the infinite and eternity, the lemniscate opens up a further level of consciousness, helping us to restore our lost unity with Creation and to once again feel at one with the world and all living things. All problems are finite and your potential is infinite. So what is stopping you? It is a proven fact that human potential is infinite. This symbol can act as a silent reminder to have faith in your infinite potential within. The power of your mind and body to achieve the impossible. There is a reason why it is said - "sky is the limit"! There is nothing which can't be conquered by sincere effort and perseverance. Omnidirectional Infinity Under a single source of light, the infinity symbol will automatically rotate and follow your eyes. So, even while sitting at your desk, you shift your posture, the symbol would - yes, you guessed it right... magically move too! This was also one of the reasons for choosing this specific pattern among the many shortlisted. DeskInfinity is available in 3 beautiful colors - Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. All backers will get the option to get their Name engraved on the curved surface of DeskInfinity. We recommend ~15 Characters or less (including space). You can also get your favorite short quote engraved instead of Name. Some examples:- Sky is Limit! I can do it! Have Faith It's Possible Friends Forever Stay focused Hakuna Matata Game on! Try again Shit happens! Let's Help Be yourself These are just some of the examples. Feel free to provide your favorite phrases! Perfection is not just a word for us Every detail is being taken care off. Our quality inspection is vigorous. Be it the Guilloche' pattern or mirror finish, everything is being taken care of. Know a friend who would love our project? Tell them and help spread the word!